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Family photographs from the early 1900's. Portrait of Mark and partner by a street photographer in India 1984

Mark has worked for many years as a professional freelance photographer covering lifestyle features for national and international UK based publications. Always searching for a new challenge, Mark also seeks out his own stories which have led to extensive photo essays on the Baduy people, a reclusive tribe in the remote jungles of Java, Don Pascaul – the last shaman of Todos Santos in Guatemala and the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Mark also spent three months documenting the lives of the PKK, a Kurdish resistance movement currently fighting in southeastern Turkey and northern Iraq. He is presently working on a number of large photographic assignments about the many remarkable people who reside in the Bulkley Valley of British Columbia.  Some of this work and information about a future book and exhibition can be found here.


Mark currently lives and works in British Columbia dividing his time between his two passions, education and photography. He recently returned from Bolivia where he has been developing an Educational For Employment initiative based in part on his experiences gained while working with First Nations communities in the Bulkley Valley.



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